Which word strikes to your head when you hear the word Tennis??

Is it Roger Federer? Novak Djokovic? Serena Williams? These players are also known the God of Tennis and are listed in the top richest player list in the world.

Tennis was originated at Birmingham around 1859 – 1865, previously known as lawn tennis. It was invented by Major Walter Wingfield, which he played on an hourglass shaped grass field and called it locally as ‘Sphairristike’ meaning playing ball. Initially it was a game for the rich with strict white attire rules. Scientifically, it is also deemed to be the Sport of Lifetime. Tennis is a sport which demands high stamina, quickness, self esteem, self discipline and sheer will. Tennis is also an Olympic sport since 1988. Some of the famous Tennis Tournaments are Wimbledon Championship, The French open, The Australian Open and the US open. Together these tournaments are called as Grand slam Tournaments and the average prize for the winner is around $ 3.85 million per game.

Tennis is a major global sport, played by 75 million people worldwide. It is played on rectangular shaped (78 x 27) feet grass, clay or hardcourts field divided in two equal sections by a net 3 feet high, It can be played individually (singles) or in teams of two (doubles) where a tennis ball is hit by racket which is strung with fibre cords. The objective of the game is to make sure the opponent is not able to play a return, making sure that the ball remains inside the boundaries of the court and do not touch the centre net.

Tennis Betting

The Grand slam Tennis tournaments have millions of followers worldwide and hence it is betters arena for any game. There are lots of ways in which you can bet your money and win easily with the expertise of our site.

The Most popular and simplest type of betting is Outright Betting also known as Moneyline betting. If you think you know who is going to be the winner of the tournament then this is where you should be putting your money. But the payout is different for different players, for a favourite player the payout is less as compared to the player who is newbie.

Another type of betting is Match Betting, as the name suggests the money is bet on the winner of a single match. You can place an even after the game has started. Here it doesn’t matter about the scores of rounds but about the result of a single match.

Next is the Handicap Betting also called as spread betting? Here the bet is placed on the performance of the player in the round matches. Our website provides exceptional results in this sector of betting. It provides higher payouts in less time as compared to the money line betting. Here the money is put on the expectations of player winning or losing more than 3.5, 2.5 and 1.5 games or sets which is winning 4, 3 and 2 games or sets respectively.

Next on the line is over/under type of betting, where you put money on whether the game’s result will come out in straight sets or additional sets will be required.

Further, if you think you know the exact score of the game or set this is the best place to put your bet. Exact Score bet gives off high returns of minimum +500 and as high as +15000 which means a minimum profit of 5X or 150X. Though these bets are tough to win but in the hands of expert this is a sure win-win!

Tennis betting is a mind-sport in itself; you need to be well-versed with the rules of the game and the game-record of every player.

Hence, our website Asiabet Exchange is the best website to help you play tennis and win huge amounts of money.