Premium Black Jack 1

Black Jack 1

Get ready to play one of the most trending game in the world of betting on AsiaBet Exchange. Premium is a blackjack variation that gives you a greater shot and more fun than any other game variants. Well, that is because only four cards are included. Real game with the best gaming experience!

Unlike all other blackjack tournaments, only four decks of 52 cards are combined and spread at the beginning of each hand. Further wagering opportunities become available as the hand progresses. For eg, on every two card deck, players will double. You will then double your first stake, as long as you continue to 'wait' until a further card is issued by the dealer. Also if the players are paired or equal in worth, they will break into two cards. Then you can build an extra two hands for an additional wager of the same amount if you have eight, two, king-jack, Queen-ten or other equivalent combinations. There are also some other splitting rules:

  • Aces may split once to get only one card on either hand, or you may double on any two-cards deck, even with a split pair.
  • You can split twice for a total of three hands.
  • You may break one card on each deck.


When you believe like you have a crazy hand compared to a dealer, then you can give up, after you have earned the first two cards. You are only going to recover half your bet and the dealer is holding the other half of the stake. That is wise in a case where you have a poor mix (you have another 16) and the dealer shows an Ace or 10. Just make sure you don't give up too much, or you lose money.


You will split them up if you first collect two cards of equal worth. You play as though you had two hands when they're broken. When two 8s are played with then they equal 16, which is the worst number to get. It is especially clever. You will therefore increase your odds on an particularly poor set. Often pairs such as ten-queen may be broken.

Double Down

When you are reasonably sure that you can win the dealer after getting the first two chips, it will encourage you to raise the original bet to up to 2 times the bet (depending on the casino, but often you only can raise the bet to exactly 2 times the bet.


Insurance confuses a lot of people, but it actually just ensures that you cover against blackjack from the dealer. When you see the upcard of the dealer (or his clear card) is an Ace, you can make a side bet to get blackjack from the dealer. A side bet is completely irrelevant to the initial bet. The premise is that you will risk the money if the dealer gets blackjack, against the money that your bet will win. However, be careful because this bet is meant to lose over the long term. Just 1/3 of the time when his upcard is an ace does a dealer have blackjack.

Now that you're armed with basic knowledge and some playing strategy, you're ready to play this amazing game. Get out there and start playing on AsiaBet Exchange.