Asiabet Exchange Teen Patti: World’s number one Teen Patti Gambling

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a Hindi word for 'three cards' and is one of the most popular gambling card game just like poker. Having originated in India, it is a very famous card game throughout South Asia. The game uses a 52-card pack excluding the jokers and is usually played in a team of three to six people. At Asiabet Exchange, you can play your tricks in this interesting game of Teen Patti whenever and wherever you wish. Teen Patti is also called flush or flash in certain places of the world but it actually originated with the game of three-card brag. If you don’t know how exactly is this played, don’t worry, we have got you sorted!

Things you must know

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How to Play?

First of all, a boot amount is decided amongst the entire group of players and then it is collected from each one. Every player is then dealt three cards face down. The cards are mostly dealt clockwise. As the boot amount is the minimum stake amount collected by all the players, the money is placed in the centre of the table. The players have options to bet with or without seeing the cards (blind). If the player chooses to see his card, he needs to play a “chaal”, meaning he needs to play his turn depending on the type of situation. Before picking the cards, each player puts up an ante or stake into the pot. As the game goes on, the amount of money in the pot increases and the winning player of that hand gets it all. The player who has the highest hand on the basis of the card ranking and who remains in the game till the end, is declared as the winner.

What are the types of players?

Every game has a unique set of players that perform certain tasks. In Teen Patti, there are mainly two major types of players, the blind and the seen payer, but there are a few others too.

  • A seen player is the one who places his bet after seeing his cards. This can happen via a Show, Side Show or Chaal. In order to stay in the game, the seen player can demand to see the cards of previous players means he can ask for a side show but that is possible only when there is more than one player in the team and the previous player is also a seen player. The game turns interesting when the player who played previously denies your request, yes, he can choose to either accept or deny your request to show as per his choice.
  • If your cards are better than the one who played before you, he will need to pack and vice versa. You must be wondering, what happens if the one who played before you says no to your request? Well, then the turn would pass to the next player and both of you would not get to see each other’s cards.
  • The bet amount during the chaal for a seen player is either double the current stake amount or four times the amount. Depending on whether the previous player is a seen or blind player, the stake amount for the upcoming player is either half or the same.
  • A blind player places a blind bet by putting the bet amount in the pot. This amount is mostly twice the current stake amount but sometimes can be as much as the current stake amount. So, if you are playing first and are a blind player, you will need to bet an amount which is equal to or twice the boot amount. If there is just one opponent remaining in the game, then a blind player can ask for a blind show. Once the show happens, both the players’ cards are visible and finally the winner gets the pot amount.
  • A Post player is another type of player who misses his turn and therefore he needs to post, so asto re-enter the game. This usually happens because he is not available on his seat, maybe due to nature’s call or any other issue. An amount has to be paid by this player, and this amount to be posted is the same as the amount at the time of players unavailability.

By now you must have got a thorough knowledge of world’s number one game. We are sure that you will fall in love with this amazing game of Teen Patti, or Three Cards on Asiabet Exchange, so contact us to know more and get playing!