Dragon Tigers And Betting

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger game is a condensed, highly common version of the Baccarat among Asian players. The players bet on which of the two cards will be better. Standard bets of Dragon Tiger pay a lot of money as compared to other games.

Dragon Tiger is a super-fast, easy game which enthusiasts of Baccarat totally love. Only two rival cards — the Dragon and the Tiger — are passed out, and players simply bet on which card will be the best, or if the deal will end in a tie. The Live game makes it all even more interesting and exciting.

The Dragon Tiger casino game is just as easy as normal gambling games. It is essentially a variant of baccarat with two cards. To be more precise, they draw two dice, one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. The player bets on which one is going to be up. The actual cards do have several proposition bets.

  • Can be used for any number of regular boards.
  • Cards are graded as in poker, except that the aces are still small.
  • Each of the Dragon and Player hands receives a single coin.
  • The biggest bet is on which hand will earn the higher card.
  • There are many other bets on the plan, choose any.

Dragon / Tiger

The bets on the Dragon and Tiger will win if the hand chosen gets the higher card. Half lose ties. If the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in rank, then we need to determine the winning party as per tie rules. An optional side bet on the Dragon and the Tiger cards being equal in rank, irrespective of suit. In the event of a Tie (and the player has placed a Tie Bet), half of the player’s Main Bet is returned and the Tie wins a payout of 11:1.

Odd / Even

Mathematically, this set of bets is like the Large and Small bets above. Lets assume that aces is a loser for all bets and that the other ranks are divided between six evens and six odds. Almost all tables give the Odd and Even bets.


The player can bet on a particular card suit. Wins was charged 3 to 1. If the card chosen is exactly seven, though, then the wager must necessarily fail.

Red / Black

This set of bets are like the Major and Small bets above, mathematically too. For both bets, the sevens reflect a loss. Not all tables make betting on the Odd and Even.


The player may bet whether a particular card will be over or under seven. If the chosen card is exactly seven, then the wager will lose. Wins pay even money.

Stick to the Dragon and Tiger bets for the non-counter who will compete, as they give the lowest edge of the room. Please note the chances in baccarat are much higher. The counter won't fail to note that the major, low, and match bets will be highly countable. Once you understand these basic rules, you just need to start playing the game of Dragon Tiger on AsiaBet Exchange, where you will be able to earn exclusive rewards and a safe, secured and easy gaming experience.