Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting

Boxing is a very popular combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring. This amazing sport engages and checks one’s strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will. The goal is to knock the opponent unconscious. One can also win by technical knockout or on points.

How to Bet

Betting on boxing has been around for as long as the sport itself (about 5,000 years) and yet is alive today as the longest serving sports betting during pastime. The crossover popularity of boxing among sports fans – particularly those who love contact sports – is massive, and the majority of hardcore soccer, rugby and NFL sports bettors wager on boxing on a regular basis.

Win, Lose, or Draw

Betting on Boxing uses simple principles and is pretty straightforward in regards to wagering, as the odds are be given next to each boxer's name. You can either win, lose or the match can end up in a tie.

Boxing Proposition

Since a lot of fights have huge number of bettors, many websites usually come up with some suggestive and unique wagers on big fights. For example over or under- on the amount of rounds the fight will go on.

Over or Under

The most common bet for boxing proposal is over or under on how long the match will last. In other sports the wager functions in the same way as an over or under bet. Instead of betting that there will be above or below a certain amount of scored points, you are betting above or under a certain number of rounds. Consider a hypothetical example:

  • More than 6 rounds -120
  • Under 6 full rounds 140

When you wager over the six full rounds, you win your bet as long as the two fighters are in the ring for the seventh round launch. When you wager on the full rounds under six, you will win the wager as long as the fight is stopped at some point before the bell signals the conclusion of round No 6.

If the battle is halted before the conclusion of the sixth round and the beginning of the seventh round, the winners will be announced on all over / under bets.

Knockout or Stoppage

When a boxer wins by stoppage or knockout, this is the other major proposition bet for boxing matches. When you're considering the imaginary Mr X vs. Mr Y match, you might expect to see the following odds on a knockout or referee stop :

  • Mr X by Knockout or Stoppage -110
  • Mr Y by Knockout or Stoppage + 200

In this bet, whether you're behind Mr X in this situation, you'll win even if he scores a knockout or the referee ends the fight and declares him champion. If Mr X won the fight by decision, you'd forfeit the bet because he didn't advance by a Knockout or Stoppage,

If you wagered on Mr Y, the same condition does apply. Mr Y will win, as opposed to winning by decision, by knockout or stoppage.

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