Betting on Athletics


Athletics is a mother of all sports and is simply the way to live rather than just a sport. An athlete is a sportsman with all sorts of talent like baseball, soccer, tennis and he has tremendous power of his senses and his body. Athletics not only builds one physically but it helps in body coordination and mental peace. Athletics is an exclusive collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and race walking and you can bet on all these games on AsiaBet Exchange.

The Athletics as a betting event has been tremendously popular especially during Olympics. The games give the public and other bookmakers from around the world a massive spike in interest. When it comes to betting, competitions are usually not a major event. The main competitions, such as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and numerous world championships, still create a strong general interest, which ensures that one of the bigger tournaments is never long anticipated.

Athletics Betting Rules

As the rules are very uncomplicated, there are very few markets to pick from. Betting must therefore be decided in compliance with the final outcome of the award ceremony, with no remedies or disqualifications. Also notable for betting awards is the fact that some competitions award two bronze medals and cumulative results for official medals tables and just one medal for team events. The most important thing to look at is whether bets for future events are known as an ante-post (and whether non-competition is a losing bet) or, as is often the case, are voided (and refunded).

Betting on athletics is typically a easy and straightforward activity, with most bets based on who wins some specific sport. As mentioned below, there is also a limited number of other markets available.

Athletic Bets

  • Outright game – The most popular sporting bet in many countries is who should win an match at a particular venue. For starters, Usain Bolt might win the 100 m sprint during the 2016 Olympic Games – but your chances at present would not be very enticing.
  • For competitions in which a participant so thoroughly predominant , markets are typically sold with the person exempt from betting, meaning that any person who wins or finishes second in the athlete listed is deemed to be the winner.
  • To win a Medal – this is like making bets at horse races or betting on the podium in Formula 1 – it is just a wager that the given athlete will win a medal.

Athletic Betting Guide

Unfortunately, there are few simple or productive ways to bet on athletics. Nonetheless, there are others. For instance, distancing racing is mostly a logistical matter instead of world record competitions at major tournaments, and it is worth trying to help those who know that you're having a decent jump over those that have the fastest times but are lenient relative to the last lap. The lack of injury is vital to multi-event athletes and it would be very helpful to find out about any niggles before the books are published.

We believe, you must have got a great idea on how to bet on athletics. One of the most popular and interesting betting option is now available on AsiaBet Exchange, so start playing now!